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  • Bert Pretty and Ray Shantz became partners and purchased what was known in 1954 as Ruch Monuments. Re-naming it Stratford Cemetery Memorials in 1955.

  • In 1959, Ray Shantz sold his half of the company to Jim Shackleton, and it became a limited company changing the name to Stratford Memorials Ltd. Jim became a partner with his father in law, Bert Pretty.

  • In 1970, Bert sold his share to his daughter, Connie Shackleton (Pretty). 

  • Jim & Connie jointly owned Stratford Memorials Ltd.

  • In 1979, after finishing high school, their son Brian began working for his dad.

  • In 1992, Brian became the sole owner of Stratford Memorials Ltd. Brian was a certified Memorialist. Jim and Brian worked together for several years.

  • Jim passed away in 2009

  • Brian's son, Ben began working with him in 2004 and is still employed at Stratford Memorials Ltd.

  • Brian sold the business to Family Memorials in 2011.

  • Brian passed away in 2016. Since his passing, Family Memorials sold Stratford Memorials Ltd. to John-Michael Weber, owner of Superior Stone Kitchener.

  • Stratford Memorials Ltd. will remain open and serve families in their time of need. There are branch offices in Listowel, Exeter, Goderich and Woodstock.

Creating Memories In Stone

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